• PLN: 164 zł
  • EUR: 35.00 €
  • RUB: 3,239.86 руб.
  • GBP: £29.79
  • CNY: 246.80 ¥
  • CAD: $47.27
  • CHF: 36.35 CHF

GIFT VOUCHER to be realized in the HEY DOG Co. ! Value 35 EUR.
We introduce gift vouchers of various values ​​for you. We think that this can be a great gift idea for loved ones and their four-legged friends. You can surprise in this way, leaving the recipient to choose the right pattern (especially since our offer is still growing and it can be difficult to find the right design, right size, color, pattern, personalization … etc.). We don’t give realize time ‘from’ ‘to’. However, we give complete freedom when it comes to choosing the size, pattern, color of dots and other elements. We don’t print vouchers, they are only in the online version. After purchasing the voucher, you will receive an email with further instructions. The value of the voucher can cover the entire price of a given product or only a part of it, it all depends on the final price depending on even the size.
So, it’s time to think about what is pleasant, about gifts for loved ones…